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Amaretto E-liquid (by Hangsen)

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Fruit Mix E-liquid (by Hangsen)£2.50  -  £4.50

Pina Colada E-liquid (by Hangsen)

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Strawberry E-liquid (by Hangsen)

Strawberry E-liquid (by Hangsen)£2.50  -  £4.50

Tobacco E-liquid (by Hangsen)

Tobacco E-liquid (by Hangsen)£2.50  -  £4.50

What is an Electronic Cigarette and how does it Work?

Ever since public awareness has been pushed through regarding the dangers of smoking, a lot of people have found it hard to quit the use of cigarettes. As a result, more and more companies have been developing and manufacturing alternative solutions to traditional cigarettes. These days, we see e-cigs in the market which, works with the purpose of helping smokers to smoke safely, and eventually quit smoking completely.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

An e-cigarette, as it is commonly called these days, is a product that has been recently introduced in the market. They come in a design in which they look and feel like real cigarettes. While they give the smoking sensation to the smoker, they do not have any tobacco content. The smoker will inhale nicotine vapour which, may look like smoke, but it does not have the typical carcinogens that are, usually, found in traditional tobacco smoke. These carcinogens are very harmful to the health, not just of the smoker, but also other people around him.

Electronic cigarettes are composed of a nicotine cartridge that contains liquid nicotine. Upon inhalation, the liquid nicotine is converted to vapour with the help of a small, battery powered atomiser. The effect of inhaling vapourised nicotine is faster-compared to the length of time the effect is felt by eating gum or patches. When a smoker starts inhaling, a tiny LED light glows orange at the tip of the cigarette, simulating a real cigarette.

Different Brands, Different Strengths

The strength of the nicotine cartridge depends on the brand and manufacturer. For instance, major brands like Gamucci offers options for full strength, half strength, as well as minimal strength. These different options are designed specially for smokers who eventually want to quit smoking. They may start with the strongest, and then later on, move to the medium, then down to minimal until they can learn to quit in the long run.

Among the most common advantages of electronic cigarettes is that, as mentioned previously, the nicotine hit is faster, and also, they can really reduce the bad effects that can usually be expected when smoking traditional cigarettes. The emulation of smoke is so similar that smokers will not have a hard time adjusting to the use of e-cigarettes.

On a financial point of view, using e-cigarettes can also be beneficial. Purchasing a set of e-cigarettes can turn out to be cheaper compared to purchasing real cigarettes. Though, of course, the initial investment in purchasing the item may be expensive, it is still more affordable in the long run. Therefore, smokers can also save some money by turning their attention to the use of e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking.

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